ArcFuel: Forest fuel classification and mapping at large scale

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  • Research Area Forest Fire Management Geoplatform
  • Type of publication Published
  • Year 2013
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    M. Bonazountas, A. Astyakopoulos, N. Alexandris,G. Martirano, A. Sebastian, D. De la Fuente, L.M. Ribeiro,
    D.X. Viegas, G. Eftychidis, I.Mitsopoulos, P.Toukiloglou, I. Gitas

  • Book title Forest Fire Meetings
  • Address Rencontres feux de foret edition 2013
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    Fuel Classification Maps (FCMs) production started in the 90’s when experts used the reclassification vegetation type’s method to produce Fuel Maps from Forest & National Maps based on assumptions (Ruiz de la Torre, 1990). In the last decade established forest fuel catalogues (NFFL, Scott & Burgan, PROMETHEUS) were used in several FCM projects in combination with Remote Sensing Techniques (Bachman & Allgower 1998, Riano 2002, Gitas et al 2006, Malinis et al 2008, Lasaponara 2008, Dimitrakopoulos 2002). A number of projects on fuel mapping for operational purposes have been implemented in several European countries at national or regional scale (ICONA Spain 1990, Camia et al N. Italy 2000, Algosystems/AUTH N. Greece 2007). However the main problem is not the scale of mapping. In fact fuel mapping for fire management purpose requires a local scale implementation, since fire prevention and fire fighting are applied locally. The problem is that most of these efforts followed different mapping approaches and used customized forest fuel models. An additional problem, that Arcfuel addressed, is the lack of a harmonized methodology that can serve to derive local/regional maps across Mediterranean-type landscapes and update them periodically. Hence the existing FCM are not inter-comparable, the mapping process cannot be extrapolated straightforward to other areas, and the maps produced can’t be updated easily.

    A quite recent fuel type mapping effort was implemented at European level in context of FUELMAP Project (JRC Tender 2008/S 116-153998). This project delivered a novel fuel classification adapted to European environments which supports a high level harmonization of the different fuel mapping initiatives. Though the scale of the map produced was at the European scale and it isn’t planned to be used for applications at the regional or local scale.

    ArcFuel is a LIFE+ 2010 project (ENV/GR/617), which compiles information from the past FCM efforts, utilizes ancillary data, and delivers a consistent and systematic ex novo methodology and workflow for large scale classification and mapping of forest fuels and production of Fuel Classification Maps. The methodology is based on using “readily available” spatial data sets for the Mediterranean Region, which are harmonized and standardized  according to INSPIRE. The methodology is applied in Greece and Portugal at national scale and in Italy and Spain at the regional scale. The fuel maps created using the ArcFuel approach have been validated with extensive field work in the above countries.

  • keywords record wildland, forest fire management, geoplatform, fuel maps, fuel types, LIFE, ArcFIRE, ArcFUEL, ESRI ArcGIS
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