M26: November 2013

This monthly report covers project activities from 01/11/2013 to 30/11/2013.

I2 Ground Truth Surveys:

  1. The Consortium finalized the field survey in all project areas
  2. Fuel parameters for the ArcFuel types are defined and finalized

I5 FCM production: The final ArcFUEL maps have been produced and during December 2013 will be available for downloading from the project website (Task I8).

I6 Updating of production workflow/chain: The deliverable I.D4 Chain of production complete guide is updated based on the initial workflow described in P.D3 Chain of production v1.

I7: Fuel types Geodatabase:

  1. The Consortium created a complete database with all data produced during the project
  2. High quality prints of the maps have been done

I9: Delivery of the Geodatabase to stakeholders: The delivery of the Geodatabase to stakeholders will be done during the ArcFUEL Final Conference,AristotleUniversityResearchDisseminationCenter,Thessaloniki,Greece on Wednesday 18th of December 2013 (09.00-16.00).

I10: Stakeholders review: A questionnaire has been prepared and will be circulated for completion during the ArcFUEL Final Conference. Moreover, the questionnaire will be sent to massive mailing lists interested in forest fire management and fuel mapping.

D3 Workshops & EU conference:  The ArcFUEL Consortium will organize the Final Conference inAristotleUniversityResearchDisseminationCenter,Thessaloniki,Greece on Wednesday 18th of December 2013 (09.00-16.00).

D1 Press releases: Eleftheros Typos (Sunday 17 November 2013) and available here: http://panayiotismavraganis.blogspot.com/2013/11/arcfuel_17.html

D7 Geoportal Sustainability:

a.  The Android application developed for the user assistance during the field survey can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Market and from the ArcFUEL website (link has been added)


b.  A web application has been developed from where partners and generally stakeholders will be able to upload the surveyed information collected during the field surveys. This enables us to create a concrete geodatabase of the surveyed plots information. (   

D9: After LIFE Communication Plan: Under preparation.

D10: Notice Boards: Have been created and will be erected at strategic places during December.

D11: Layman’s Report: Under preparation